Vitex agnus-castus

Vitex agnus-castus
Vitex agnus-castus
Vitex agnus-castus

Plant type


Common name
Lagano, Agnocasto




  • Shrubs

    Sun Exposition

  • Sun

    Leaf Persistance

  • Deciduous

    Flower Colour

  • Purple

    Flowering Period

  • 07-July
  • 08-August
  • 09-September

    Climatic Zone

  • 6

    Continent of Origin

  • Europa

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Origin: Mediterranean, Central Asia
Botanical characteristics: It is a large transient, bushy and erect shrub, with grey and young pubescent quadrangular branches. It has palmate compound leaves consisting of 5-7 ovate-lanceolate, pointed, shortly petiolate, aromatic leaflets, dark green above, grey-green below. Flowering in late summer, small lilac-purple, scented flowers, in terminal thin racemes, up to 20 cm long.
Agronomic and environmental characteristics: Characteristic component of the woods and riverbeds with oleander and tamarisk. It is widespread as cultivated plants. In any well-drained soil, in sunny location, protected from cold winds.
Use: It is used as a single plant in mixed hedge, leaning against a wall. Is for environmental restoration.