Tamarix ramosissima / Tamerice d’estate

Species: Tamarix ramosissima Ledeb.
Italian common noun: Tamerice d’estate
Synonim: Tamarix pentandra
Family: Tamaricaceae
Natural shapesShrubs DeciduosFull sun
Climate resistance: + / -20° CClimate resistance: + / -20° C
- Legislative Decree no. 151

Origin: South-eastern Europe

Botanical characteristics: It can be a large shrub or small tree. It is deciduous and has many thin and curved branches, red-brown when young. Leaves are small, needle-like, silvery green. It has an abundant and showy flowering in July-August with small pink flowers along the whole length of the branches. Flowers are grouped in cylindrical racemes, gathered in panicles about 10 cm.

Agronomic and environmental characteristics: It is cultivated as ornamental plant, even on normal, dry, sandy and stony soils. Full sun exposure.

Use: When it is shrub-like, it is used as a single plant, in groups or in mixed hedges, while when is tree-like is used alone or in groups on the lawn. It is excellent for gardens near the sea and ideal as free hedge and windbreak in exposed coastal areas.

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Produzione Note Altezza Circonferenza tronco Diametro/Lato chioma Q.tà  
Cont.for. 40 Cont.for. 40
Vaso 9.9.13 Vaso 9.9.13
Vaso Ø 18 Vaso Ø 18
Vaso Ø 22 Vaso Ø 22
Zolla 0/2 125-150 cm
Zolla 0/2 150-175 cm
Zolla 0/2 175-200 cm
Zolla 0/3 200-250 cm
Zolla 0/3 250-300 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 0/3 300-350 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 350-400 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 400-450 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 450-500 cm
Zolla 12-14 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 14-16 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 16-18 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 18-20 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 20-25 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 25-30 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 30-35 cm