Sorbus aria

Sorbus aria
Sorbus aria
Sorbus aria

Plant type


Common name
Sorbo montano, Farinaccio




  • Trees


  • D.Lgs 386/2003

    Leaf Persistance

  • Deciduous

Origin: Europe

Botanical characteristics: It is a small deciduous tree, medium-growing, up to 15 meters high, has a rounded and dense crown. It has a trunk with smooth grey blackish bark with crossing rings. Leaves are elliptic-ovate, toothed, dull green on the upper side, white and tomentose below. The autumn colour is yellow-brown. In May it blooms small white flowers gathered in corymbs, followed by dark red berry infructescenses, edible.

Agronomic and environmental characteristics: It is frequent in foothills and mountainous areas in fresh deciduous woods, up to 1200 meters. It prefers calcareous and dry soils, but fits well. It has an high resistance to pollution.

Use: It is used in parks and gardens as single plant or in groups. It is ideal for small gardens and wild gardens or woods. It is suitable for urban green areas, avenues, road embankments, river banks and industrial areas. It is suitable for reforestation of hilly and mountainous areas and for environmental clean-up. It is recommended in the areas of bird restocking for berry production.