Liriodendron tulipifera / Liriodendro

Species: Liriodendron tulipifera L.
Italian common noun: Liriodendro, Albero dei tulipani
Family: Hamamelidaceae
Natural shapesTrees DeciduosFull sun
Climate resistance: + / -20° CClimate resistance: + / -20° C
- Legislative Decree no. 151

Origin: North America

Botanical characteristics: It is a beautiful moderate to rapidly deciduous tree with broadly columnar crown. It can exceed 50 mt in height when there are the best environmental conditions. It has a grey bark that turn furrowed when aged. The leaves are very peculiar because they are rectangular with 4 lobes, cut off on the top, bright green and glossy on the upper surface and light green on the lower one. In winter they turn a beautiful gold-yellow or orange. The cup-shaped flowers have the tulip-like shape. They are fragrant, erect, up to 7 cm long and pale green and mottled with orange at the bottom. In June and July it blooms in abundance. The fruitlike cones are initially green and then brown.

Agronomic and environmental characteristics: It prefers from neutral to sub acid soils that are deep, fresh, fertile and well-drained. This plant suffer in extended drought, but it is highly resistant to air pollution.

Use: It is an ornamental plant that is used as specimen plant or in groups in parks and large gardens. It is very suitable for urban green spaces, but only partially recommended for masts because of the fragility of its wood and because it is unable to tolerate pruning.

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Produzione Note Altezza Circonferenza tronco Diametro/Lato chioma Q.tà  
Vaso 9.9.13 Vaso 9.9.13
Vaso Ø 18 Vaso Ø 18
Vaso Ø 24 Vaso Ø 24
Zolla 150-175 cm
Zolla 175-200 cm
Zolla 200-250 cm
Zolla 250-300 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 300-350 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 350-400 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 400-450 cm
Zolla 6-8 cm
Zolla 8-10 cm
Zolla 12-14 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 14-16 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 16-18 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 18-20 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 20-25 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 25-30 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 30-35 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 35-40 cm