Juglans nigra

Juglans nigra
Juglans nigra
Juglans nigra

Plant type


Common name
Noce nero, Noce americano




  • Trees


  • D.Lgs 386/2003

    Leaf Persistance

  • Deciduous

    Continent of Origin

  • Nord America

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Origin: Eastern and central United States.

Botanical characteristics: It is a large and stately deciduous tree with spreading growth habit reaching 30 meters in height. Its bark is rough and dark. Its large pinnate leaves are up to 60 cm long and compound of 11-20 dark green, glossy, toothed on the margins leaves. It is a dioecious plant with showy green-yellow pendulous catkins hugely flowered in May and June. Its globose fruits are green and contain one edible nut.

Agronomic and environmental characteristics: In Europe it is cultivated as an ornamental plant or for its wood and fruits. It prefers deep, fertile and well drained soils and requires full sun exposure.

Use: It is used in large parks and gardens as a specimen plant. It is planted for its wood and fruits.