Fagus sylvatica “Asplenifolia”

Fagus sylvatica “Asplenifolia”
Fagus sylvatica “Asplenifolia”

Plant type

Small treesTrees

Common name
Faggio a foglia di felce




  • Small trees
  • Trees


  • Half-shadow
  • Shadow

    Leaf Persistance

  • Deciduous

    Crown Shape

  • Oval

    Flower Colour

  • Non significant

    Flowering Period

  • 04-April
  • 05-May

    Climatic Zone

  • 5

    Continent of Origin

  • Europa

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Botanical characteristics: It is a cultivar of Fagus sylvatica, similar to the species but unlike it this cultivar has narrower and thinner leaves, which are deeply serrated and lobed. They turn yellow in autumn.

Agronomic and environmental characteristics: It prefers deep, fresh and fertile soils, calcareous ones as well. It needs cool and wet summers.

Use: It is used as ornamental tree or to create shade. It can be used in large areas, mainly as a single species in gardens or in groups in parks.