Crocosmia “Red King”

Crocosmia “Red King”
Crocosmia “Red King”
Crocosmia “Red King”

Plant type

PerennialsGround covers

Common name
Crocosmia, Montbretia




  • Perennials
  • Ground covers


  • Half-shadow
  • Sun

    Leaf Persistance

  • Evergreen

    Flower Colour

  • Red

    Flowering Period

  • 08-August
  • 07-July
  • 10-October
  • 09-September

    Climatic Zone

  • 7

    Continent of Origin

  • Asia

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Botanical characteristics: It is a perennial herb with linear-lanceolate leaves. It has funnel-shaped flowers grouped in spikes that bloom in late summer. In this cultivar they are large, red with yellow-orange centre.

Agronomic and environmental characteristics: It prefers to be in fertile and well-drained soils, in a sunny position. It doesn’t tolerate frost: cover and protect the ground in early winter and during periods of prolonged frost.

Use: It is used in borders, flowerbeds, combined with other perennial herbs. The flower can be cut.