Crataegus monogyna

Crataegus monogyna
Crataegus monogyna
Crataegus monogyna

Plant type

Small treesShrubs

Common name
Biancospino comune, Azaruolo selvatico




  • Small trees
  • Shrubs

    Sun Exposition

  • Sun

    Leaf Persistance

  • Deciduous

    Flower Colour

  • White

    Flowering Period

  • 04-April
  • 05-May

    Climatic Zone

  • 6

    Continent of Origin

  • Asia
  • Europa

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Origin: Europe.

Botanical characteristics: It is a very branchy deciduous large shrub or small tree with rounded crown. Branches are dark and have spines. It is slow-growing. It reaches 8-10m in height. Leaves are oval or rhombic, with 3-7 deeply cut lobes. They are dark green and shiny on the upper sight and lighter below. It has abundant and beautiful white flowers that bloom in May and gathered in flat corymbs and that are followed by numerous ovoid-spherical, bright dark red fruits.
Agronomic and environmental characteristics: It can be found throughoutl the territory in thickets, hedges, at the edges of woods and full sun. It adapts to all soils, resisting to moisture and drought as well. It is resistant to pollution.
Use: It is widely used for defensive hedges. It is used as a single species in parks and gardens, in urban parks and boulevards in the city, for reforestation of uncultivated, hilly and abandoned areas.