Cedrus libani

Cedrus libani

Plant type


Common name
Cedro del Libano




  • Trees

    Sun Exposition

  • Half-shadow
  • Sun


  • D.Lgs 386/2003

    Leaf Persistance

  • Evergreen

    Crown Shape

  • Conical

    Flower Colour

  • Non significant

    Flowering Period

  • 10-October
  • 09-September

    Climatic Zone

  • 6

    Continent of Origin

  • Asia

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Origin: Minor Asia

Botanical characteristics: It is a slow-growing evergreen conifer up to 30mt high. It is conical when young, with candleholder-shaped branches and a flat top when it is grown old. The dark brown-black bark cracks and flakes. It has 2 cm long dark green needles, gathered in clumps of 10-20 needles each. It is a monoecious plant. Male flowers release a large amount of pollen in November, female flowers become green-purple cones from 9 to 15 cm long, which are tapered.

Agronomic and environmental characteristics: It prefers rich and well-drained soils and tolerates drought.

Use: It is used as an ornamental plant in Europe but can be planted in parks and large gardens as a single exemplary. It is used typically in English historical gardens. It should not be pruned.