Betula utilis / Himalayan birch

Species: Betula utilis D. Don
Italian common noun: Himalayan birch
Family: Betulaceae
Natural shapesTrees DeciduosFull sunPartial shade
Climate resistance: + / -20° CClimate resistance: + / -20° C
- Legislative Decree no. 151

Origin: China, Himalaya.

Botanical characteristics: It is an ornamental deciduous fast-growing tree, up to 20 mt high. Branches can grow from the base of the trunk. The bark peels off and it is orange-grayish white with horizontal lenticels. It has heart-shaped dark green pubescent leaves with doubly serrate margins that yellow in autumn. It is a monoecious plant with both male and female catkins in late April.

Agronomic and environmental characteristics: It adapts to any soil, including dry and calcareous ones.

Use: It is a plant for ornamental uses, which can be planted alone or in groups, in parks and gardens.

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Produzione Note Altezza Circonferenza tronco Diametro/Lato chioma Q.tà  
Vaso 9.9.13 Vaso 9.9.13
Vaso Ø 18 Vaso Ø 18
Vaso Ø 22 Vaso Ø 22
Zolla 150-175 cm
Zolla 175-200 cm
Zolla 200-250 cm
Zolla 250-300 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 300-350 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 350-400 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 400-450 cm
Zolla 6-8 cm
Zolla 8-10 cm
Zolla 12-14 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 14-16 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 16-18 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 18-20 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 20-25 cm