Betula papyrifera / Paper birch

Species: Betula papyrifera Marsh
Italian common noun: Paper birch
Family: Betulaceae
Trees DeciduosFull sunPartial shade
Climate resistance: + / -20° CClimate resistance: + / -20° C
- Legislative Decree no. 151

Origin: North America.

Botanical characteristics: it is a fast-growing ornamental tree, that reaches 20 m in height. It has a conical shape with chalky white bark that peels off in thin and waterproof layers, revealing an orange bark below. It has unisexual flowers (monoecious plant) on drooping catkins which bloom in spring. The male ones are up to 10 cm long. Leaves are ovoid, dark green, up to 10 cm long and in autumn they turn orange-red.

Agronomic and environmental characteristics: It needs fertile, moist but well-drained lands.

Use: It is an ornamental plant used in parks and gardens, both isolated and in groups.

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Produzione Note Altezza Circonferenza tronco Diametro/Lato chioma Q.tà  
Vaso 9.9.13 Vaso 9.9.13
Vaso Ø 18 Vaso Ø 18
Vaso Ø 22 Vaso Ø 22
Zolla 6-8 cm
Zolla 8-10 cm
Zolla 12-14 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 14-16 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 16-18 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 18-20 cm
Zolla/Air-Pot/Vaso 20-25 cm