2 Nurseries
and the infinite forms of nature


The historic Headquarter dedicated to the young plants.

Via S. Francesco, 19/a
35010 S. Giustina in Colle (PD)

Container plants
from seed trays up to 10 L pots

"In the Nursery of Padova you can find our origin, with deep roots in the production of native plants that with the passing of the seasons spreaded into a wider assortment of ornamental varieties. Here seeds germinate, and are cultivated in the smaller containers (up to CLT10), taking care of every growing phase. Aside of the traditional forest plants production, we offer a renewed range of ready-to-use whips and young trees, best grown for other Nurseries or cost saving Urban Forestation."


Productive site that gave space to creativity.

Strada Portorose, 7
44022 Comacchio (FE)

Container plants
more than 15lt and full field

"The Nursery of Ferrara is the natural follow-up of our production, where you can find a wide range of types and sizes to materialise your creative idea. Here plants grow and develope both as standard trees and in natural shape, becoming unique solitairs. The container field is today 30ha wide, provinding safe solutions, in prompt delivery 365 days per year."


All plants are regulated by Legislative Decree No. 151/2000. Where provided, they are further regulated by Legislative Decree No. 214/2005.

The forest plants are regulated by the Legislative Decree 386/2003

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Our business has always held UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, a testament to our constant and precise care in plant cultivation as well as the efficiency of our supply chain.

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