FORESTA M9 | A landscape of ideas, community and future

15 Sep 2021
FORESTA M9 | A landscape of ideas, community and future

A forest in the heart of M9 in Venice Mestre transforms the third floor of the museum into an island of peace, in an evocative landscape that becomes a symbol of awakening, recovery and rebirth for our community and for the woods in the Venetian plain.

More than 500 plants - including oaks, hornbeams, oaks, oppiums, field elms, ash trees, cherry trees, dogwoods, hazelnuts, dogwoods, elderberries, buckthorns, hawthorns, privets, dog roses, blackthorns and lantanas. These are the essences that make up the M9 Forest and celebrate the relationship that unites the Veneto territory and its communities to the lowland woods.

Vivai Guagno, a historic leading company in forestry nurseries, contributes to the project with the donation of plant material and its setup.

What is it?

The purpose of the installation is not to recreate a natural forest, but to photograph the evolution of a green patch born from reforestation activities, the lowland forest of our future. The arrangement of the species and the layout is based on reforestation schemes, which however lose regularity over time, between inevitable failures and renewal nuclei.

The 565 plants on display are divided into 22 different species, among the most significant in the Venetian plain woods. The specimens on display have been carefully selected to create a large and varied sample of the forms that plants can take in nature, highlighting the habitus and characteristics of each essence.

FOREST M9 - A landscape of ideas, community and future // edited by Luca Molinari and Claudio Bertorelli // general coordination Federica Rasenti and Elena Dekic // exhibition project curated by Aspro studio // graphic design and coordinated image Maria Santangelo // main sponsor Vivai Guagno with the contribution of Veneto Agricoltura // in collaboration with AFP - Lowland Forestry Association and Italian Association of Public Garden Directors and Technicians // technical sponsor iGuzziniph. // Alessandro Scarpa Photographer