– We invite you to request an offer via e-mail, fax, or telephone specifying variety, size, and quantity you want;- In a short time we’ll send you the offer, with no obligation to purchase;- To confirm your order, send us a counter-signed copy of the offer (there is no minimum quantity/value);- After checking the availability, we’ll confirm the order;- According to your request, we ship plants by carrier or vehicle whenever you prefer (weather permitting).

We usually take 24 and 36 hours to send you the quote. However, depending on particular requests or during the peak season, we may take more time.

Yes. The buying procedure is the same as a normal order. There is no e-commerce. Payments can be made via bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card.

To avoid waiting or disservices, we suggest making an appointment emailing us at info@vivaiguagno.com or call our customer service: +39 049 9300 635. Our technician will be at your disposal.

Yes, we sell to private customers in our site of Santa Giustina in Colle. Due to the different structure from a Garden Center, we suggest fixing an appointment emailing us at info@vivaiguagno.com or calling the +39 049 9300 635. Our technician will be at your disposal.

Yes, in the nursery there are mother plants specifically dedicated to the rooted cutting. Let us know the plant size you prefer and we will answer you regarding availability and costs.We do not sell young bare root plants. If requested, ball root plants may be provided as “shaken root”, which means they come without mould.

The nursery is open on Saturday, morning and afternoon. On Sunday it is closed.

Of course. Since the confirmation of the order your plants are reserved, so the delivery can be granted in the most suitable date for you. For large quantities and/or long-term reservations a deposit may be requested as a guarantee.

Yes, we ship by express courier for small quantities or pallets for plants up to 220cm. Our staff is available to find the best fitting solution for you and make a quote. In general, we organize the shipments at the beginning of the week to avoid prolonged stops along the weekend which could compromise the product.

Within a certain size the cheapest solution is renting a van. For large plants or great quantities we organize dedicated deliveries or we combine multiple orders from customers in the same area to optimize the shipping costs.

Of course. Just provide us the delivery data and the contact person.

 Potted and Air-Pot plants can be purchased and planted throughout the year.The best season of ball root plants generally goes from September to May, according to the climatic trend. There could be some exceptions, especially for conifers and evergreens. Pruning at the beginning and end of the season can be carried out to anticipate or prolong the possibility of levitation. Our production technicians will be pleased to give you advices.

We would be glad to offer you advices but we do not design gardens. In general, we only carry out the supply. Even so, the requests in Veneto may be evaluated case-by-case. We do not do maintenance.


Ensure the adequate water supply, especially in case of plants with persistent leaves. It is preferable to give little water for prolonged and frequent periods, rather than a lot of water in a short time and quickly.Store them in an airy space with light, in a vertical position and protected from frost. 


Store them in airy spaces with the mould protected from sun, wind, and frost. To maintain adequate humidity, you can use insulating material (i.e. straw, sand, peat, etc.).- in case of prolonged stay keep the plants in vertical position, place them at an adequate distance from others (especially in case of evergreen plants), and keep the clod always moist;- in the following steps and during the transplant keep the clod intact and protected as suggested above. 

Note: In case of displacements from the place of delivery to the place of planting it is important to take care of any type of plant, be it bare root, in pot or in clod, according to the given advices.

The plants coming out of the nursery are healthy and fit perfectly to the client requests. Since they are living things, there may be infinite variables that can compromise the rooting and which do not depend on our work (i.e. soil, irrigation, climatic trend, etc.)

We have already work with high-school students. Contact us for applications or collaborations.