The Vivai Guagno was founded in 1982 in Santa Giustina in Colle (Padua) by the current entrepreneur Ivano Guagno. Nowadays it is a leading company in Europe in the production of forest and ornamental plants. From the beginning, Ivano Guagno visits the best nurseries in Europe in order to have a good knowledge of this sector. During this tour he gets directly in touch with experts and every kind of company. The knowledge he gained during this experience, his creativity and the help of his wife Donatella, and later of the sons Riccardo and Gloria, make the Vivai Guagno a well-known brand all around Europe. Since 2000, the company acquires a new production site in Comacchio (Ferrara), where the environment is the ideal for the cultivation of plants in root ball.


High quality is our daily goal, from the start of the production to the customer service. We rigorously select both seeds and young plants, estimate the perfect planting distances to induce a balanced growth, use fertilisers which don’t affect changes in physical properties of the soil, and monitor plants’ health by pruning them and taking preventive measures.

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our nurseries

to sum up

200 hectares of nursery
500 produced species
1000 km of plant rows
4M cultivated plants
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As a fast growing tree, the Vivai Ivano Guagno is getting bigger thanks to a unique set of skills, knowledge, and passion. Every day we improve our services to guarantee high quality standards and a wide variety of products.


The plants are regulated by the Legislative Decree 151/2000

The plants are regulated by the Legislative Decree 214/2005 where provided for by law

The forest plants are regulated by the Legislative Decree 386/2003

The Vivai Ivano Guagno is a company certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 since 1999