The Vivai Guagno was founded in 1982 in Santa Giustina in Colle (Padua) by the current entrepreneur Ivano Guagno. Nowadays it is a leading company in Europe in the production of forest and ornamental plants.

From the beginning, Ivano Guagno visits the best nurseries in Europe in order to have a good knowledge of this sector. During this tour he gets directly in touch with experts and every kind of company. The knowledge he gained during this experience, his creativity and the help of his wife Donatella, and later of the sons Riccardo and Gloria, make the Vivai Guagno a well-known brand all around Europe.

Since 2000, the company acquires a new production site in Comacchio (Ferrara), where the environment is the ideal for the cultivation of plants in root ball.

Sede storica di Santa Giustina in Colle (PD) – Giovani piante in vaso e radice nuda

The early site in Santa Giustina in Colle (Padua)

The production site in Santa Giustina in Colle is the early headquarters. The company managed to satisfy the increasing demand, renovating itself and extending, year after year, the surface of the nursery up to 20 hectares. From the very beginning, the company is devoted to the production of young plants in forest container and pots, which were intended to reforest the extra-urban areas. Then, new ornamental species for the embellishment of the green spaces were added to the production.

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Sito produttivo di Comacchio (FE) - Piante ad alto fusto in zolla, vaso ed Air-pot

The production site in Comacchio (Ferrara)

The production site in Comacchio has more than 500 cultivated species along 1000 km of rows on an area of 200 hectares. This site is surrounded by the fascinating environment of Delta del Po (Po Delta), which is the ideal place for the cultivation of plants in root ball, indeed the soil is composed of sand, silt and clay and there is always a gentle breeze. The combination of this peculiarities makes sure that the plants are very strong and particularly resistant to the transplantation.

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